Porthcurno Beach – The Coastal Community


Porthcurno Beach – The Coastal Community

Porthcurno Beach is a coastal community in south Cornwall. It is an ideal place for relaxing or spending a summer’s day. The beach is sheltered and protected, making it a wonderful spot to spend the day. The weather is usually cool, although in recent years there has been occasional inclement weather.

The two mile long coastal path, known as the Torbay Causeway runs through the village and follows the seashore. About five miles to the north are the remains of ancient Roman baths, Porthcurno Llandabrig Church and a Roman lighthouse. Other attractions include Torbay Racecourse and Torbay Golf Club. It is possible to reach Porthcurno by car, bus or train. There are also many options for holiday home accommodation including self catering cottages.

The village is a small market town. There are a couple of small shops selling local produce. Two other stores operate here and are open on Sunday’s. Guided tours are available. The local people are friendly and make you feel welcome.

The beach is calm and safe. If you are sailing there, be sure to check with the Coastwatch before going out. They run a helpline number and provide great support if needed. They can help in an emergency. The waves here are not too big and have a gentle slope.

The sea front of Porthcurno Beach is flat and sheltered. This provides an ideal location for windsurfing, water-skiing and snorkelling. The beach is sheltered from the southwesterly winds, which are strong and direct. The southwesterly winds are rarely strong, but they do hit the beach from time to time.

When the winds are from the easterly direction the waves reach higher and come in more strongly. The surf can be choppy and you may find it hard to paddle out into the surf. Windsurfing is carried out here with fine sand tubes. There is an area off the beach where you can sit and watch the large numbers of skittish fishermen.

Lifeguards should be called out at the end of the day as the tide changes. It is wise to stay out of the water after the surf rushes in as it can be difficult to get back in without assistance. The sea can be rough and the surf can be forceful. Some lifeguards will give signals for leaving the water if it starts to get dangerous.

Porthcurno Beach has excellent facilities for refreshments including a supermarket and a gift shop. There is also a restaurant with a buffet lunch and a restaurant with a range of eateries. The shopping area includes a wide range of clothing, toys, sporting equipment and books. There is a variety of bars, cafes, restaurants and nightspots. There is a variety of accommodation available from holiday cottages to luxury hotels. There are a number of self-catering options in the area.

There are a few places to catch the evening breeze, and a number of stalls offering windsurfing and other water sports equipment. The beach is easily reached by car or public transport. A number of car hire companies offer car services to the beach. There is a bus network running along the beach, and there is also a railway station nearby. Buses go all the way to central Cumbria.

To keep the sands moving and the windsurfing alive, the beach is also equipped with a cover on the tide. This makes for different kinds of water sports activity. The beach has a small number of shops selling windsurfing equipment and food. Other local stores are also located around the area.

There are several accommodation options available near the beach. They include Holiday Cottages, Staying Hot Spas and Alternative Accommodations. There are also a number of bed and breakfasts. Holiday cottages in Porthcurno are popular because they are close to the beach and have facilities such as hot water and cable TV.

Staying at a Holiday cottage will provide you with more privacy. They are also less expensive compared to hotels. Some of the bed and breakfasts in Porthcurno are just a short distance from the beach. They vary in price depending on the quality of their accommodation. You can ask around or do some research online to find out who offers the best deal.