Best Neighborhoods in Prague


Best Neighborhoods in Prague

Deciding on the best neighborhoods in Prague can sometimes take up lots of your time. Instead of wasting countless hours wading through the endless choices and searching for the best place to stay at, we compiled a short list of our favorite neighborhoods in Prague for travelers to help you choose the best accommodation and most suitable hostel for your budget. Then we selected the best hotels, hostels, and travel apartments to aid you to book the best choice for your personal budget and preference. If you are looking for a nice place to stay for a few days or even longer, we have great suggestions for you too! Read on and learn how to find the best neighborhood in Prague.

The Old Town is one of the best areas to live in Prague and is located on the northern part of the city. It is a historical area dating back to the 17th century and includes many gorgeous historic buildings and churches. One of the best aspects of Old Town is that there are various public and private parks located within it, as well as plenty of wonderful restaurants, bars and clubs. Most of the neighborhoods are independent, so do not expect to find any touristy areas here. Tourists flock to Old Town every year from all over Europe and beyond because of its wonderful, historic atmosphere.

One of the best areas in Prague to live is Cerkno, which is right in the heart of Prague. Cerkno is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods and is surrounded by wonderful palaces, museums, galleries, and public baths. In addition to these public amenities, Cerkno also boasts some of the best neighborhoods in Prague as well as a great selection of restaurants and bars. The Old Town, Church Street, Kholm, Prochyty, Tivoli, Schubertstrasse, Vltava, and parts of Cerkno to name a few of the more popular neighborhoods.

While the downtown area of Prague offers many sights and sounds, the Old Town in Old Town is considering the best area to be in if you are visiting this wonderful town. Here you will find the best atmosphere, architecture, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Many of these sights and sounds are even open to the public, though Cerkno and parts of Kholm and Prochyty remain closed for the most part.

For the most part, people flock to Prague to experience all of the excitement that can be found in this cool, trendy town. One of the best ways to experience all that Prague has to offer is to check into a top notch Prague luxury hotel. There are so many different accommodations to choose from in this classy city and each one is offering something unique. A hotel in Prague should offer complimentary sightseeing tours, a great selection of dining locations and even some awesome party spots. The best luxury hotels in Prague are located throughout the downtown area and along the river.

In addition to the different neighborhoods that Prague has to offer visitors, it is also home to a plethora of nightlife options. The Old Town is known for being the heart of Prague nightlife and offers some incredible sights and sounds while the people go about their business. There are tons of bars and clubs to explore and there are also plenty of dancing opportunities. If you are looking to experience the Czech culture, then you will not want to miss out on checking out the Old Town while you are in Prague. There are tons of interesting sights and sounds to be experienced in this cool neighborhood, and a trip to the Old Town or the New Town will take you to some of the most historic sites in Prague.