The Best Free Online Games


No longer do you need to invest your hard-earned cash on consoles or high-profile titles in order to experience some of the finest online games; thanks to in-app payments there is more quality free-to-play content than ever available for playback.

Runescape may be over two decades old, yet it continues to offer thousands of hours of gameplay with its quests and skills system. Additionally, Gwent is an enjoyable PvP card game from The Witcher universe and always a pleasure to play.

1. World of Tanks

While being around for over a decade, this free-to-play military MMO has retained its player base and regular updates. You’ll experience the thrill of victory as you blunder through battlefields filled with metal structures while blasting them to pieces!

Players command armored vehicles from different nations in 15-vs-15 online battles. Experience and credits earned in battle allow you to upgrade your tanks RPG-style; each vehicle ranks up via its development tree; you have access to American, German, and Soviet designs!

World of Tanks is available both for PC and console platforms, with built-in support for Xbox One X pushing the limits of graphic fidelity while still catering to older PCs with its optimised game engine.

2. Apex Legends

Apex Legends provides players with an engaging hero shooter experience similar to that found in popular battle royale titles like PUBG and Fortnite, yet with added items available for collection – making for an immersive battle royale game like none other.

Weapons, armor and various levels of loot can be found throughout the map. Reviving fallen teammates requires considerable time and effort investment; this task must also be undertaken carefully to prevent it becoming futile.

As with many popular games, Apex Legends can become addictive and cause people to spend too much time online than intended without setting external time limits. Furthermore, children may access adult-oriented language or content if they watch YouTube videos of gameplay or live-streamed matches on Twitch.

3. Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone marks its debut attempt at battle royale gaming and it makes an admirable effort. Offering an array of characters and weapons to play with and an enjoyable shooting experience that feels both fair and fantastic, Call of Duty Warzone provides plenty of entertainment.

Recent updates to Infinity Ward have provided it with an extra edge, including Resurgence modes that help players quickly return to battle after defeat and an updated Gulag system which allows defeated players a second chance.

Assemble your team and prepare to battle in massive multiplayer matches of up to 150 players! Armor up, collect rewards, and compete to be victorious in seasons like Black Sites or DMZ mode for ultimate victory!

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic immerses players into their own Star Wars story through cinematic dialogue. Players assume either Jedi or Sith roles on one of 17 planets with culture-sensitive buildings, inhabitants, and aesthetics that all match their specific planet’s settings and cultures.

Legacy of the Sith, The Old Republic’s latest expansion, builds upon the dynamic plot established by its original game and adds new missions. While free to play, subscribers have access to all recent expansions as well as reduced gameplay restrictions and receive a monthly Cartel Coin grant.

Our list of games similar to Star Wars: The Old Republic features other MMORPGs with science-fiction-inspired settings and tons of captivating narrative.

5. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 was released worldwide in 2007 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, featuring multiple gametypes, an eye-catching art style, and character options that cater to players of every skill level – from flamethrower Pyros to heavy clearing ‘Heavys.

The classic FPS game has evolved into a free-to-play experience, providing frequent updates like weapons, maps, items and hats through the Mann Co. Store and random crates.

Fans of fast-paced shooters may also want to consider Battleborn, which provides an MMORPG-esque experience with bright graphics. Or try Halo Infinite for something completely new; its distinctive mobility system lets you quickly grab distant objects using its Grappleshot.

6. Warframe

Warframe, one of the most beloved free-to-play shooters ever created by Digital Extremes, boasts an extraordinary amount of content for players to devour for hours at a time. Players utilize their “Warframe” powered exo-armor for missions across an expansive interplanetary system.

Alongside its seamless combat, this game boasts an expansive arsenal of weapons and upgrades, expansive open worlds and its own spaceship. Players will appreciate its simple game loop involving group formation, choosing missions to undertake, blasting through enemies before returning home to build their arsenals – something which keeps players coming back time after time.

Players have their pick of a wide array of playable characters, from Kahl-175 and her Grineer allies to Veso and Teshin of Corpus engineering/infiltrating teams as well as Sevagoth – the newest Warframe added to the roster!

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