Medical Exo Ai powered: Get Ultrasound Images Faster And Easier


If you have come across Medical Exo Ai powered a lot recently, you have heard it right then. There was an announcement from Exo that it will acquire AI (Artificial Intelligence) developer Medo to develop a faster and simpler ultrasound imaging system. Exo is a California-based company that intends to consolidate AI technology by Medo into its ultrasound to develop a more easily accessible imaging modality for caregivers.

A news release in Canada said, Ultrasound AI technology by Medo lowers the skill and expertise needed to diagnose very common and complex conditions through automatic image interpretation and acquisition, which gives the non-experts the capability to perform high-quality examinations precisely and quickly.

The company introduces two FDA-passed AI algorithms and more in development as well. It also provides easy access to a vast library of many ultrasound images and health information to speed up ultrasound care adoption throughout the healthcare system. This will increase the efficiency of early detection of the disease and speeds up the treatment process.

Ultrasound machines can cost a lot of money, they range between $40,000 to $250,000 easily. Exo’s machine at the same time will be approximately the cost of a laptop. Making use of a combination of medical imaging, silicon technology, and artificial intelligence, the users will be able to use it for various medical purposes like scanning the lungs of a person affected by COVID-19 or cardiology evaluation. Patients can also use it at home to get real-time vision after a surgical procedure or to keep track of a certain condition.

What is Aipowered

Ultrasound imaging is a complicated process and the person who operates the machine needs to be trained and educated for that. This restricts the number of healthcare providers who can use ultrasound point-of-care to improve patient care considerably. The unique technology of Medo lowers the expertise needed to analyze the condition through the acquisition of automated images and interpretation. Non-experts can also conduct exams quickly and precisely with the help of new technology.

Benefits of using Aipowered

These applications are AI-based and are designed to help medical imaging see anatomical structures much finer and sharper and make alternative diagnoses than doctors might have been able to in the past. Although this software does not automatically sharpen images more than the previous ones, it can improve scalable development and allow more transparency into performance and model design. In case some medical data is lost or overlooked for some reason, it can cause a wrong diagnosis and affect the life of a patient. Medical imaging allows to detection of diseases in their initial states not only improving the standard level of medical help but also saving the lives of people. To affect medical imaging efficiency significantly, AI-powered applications have to be used daily in every healthcare establishment.

How to Get Started in the Medical Exo Aipowered Sector

1. Choose a topic that interests you

Choose a topic that interests you. It will keep you motivated and you will be more involved in the process of learning. Concentrate on a particular problem and see if you can find a solution, rather than searching for everything on the internet and reading about it.

2. Find a real-time solution

Finding any basic solution that solves the problem as much as possible is what you need to do. An algorithm that will process information into a form that can be understood by a machine, give results, train a basic model and analyze its performance is what you need.

3. Enhance your solution

It is time to get creative once you have found the basis. Try to work on all the components and analyze the changes to understand if the improvements are worth your effort and time. For instance, sometimes, working on preprocessing and information cleaning provides a great output on investments than working on a learning model.

4. Solution should be shared

Make sure to write up the solution you came up with and share it with others to get feedback. Apart from getting valuable tips and suggestions from others, it will also be recorded in your portfolio.

5. For different problems repeat 1-4 steps

Choose various problems and repeat the same steps for every problem. Learning how to formulate problems for machine learning correctly is also important. Many times, developers have to turn a few abstract business goals into certain problems that fit the particulars of machine learning.

6. Machine learning should be used professionally

You must understand your career goals to create your portfolio. If you think it is not the right time to apply for machine learning jobs, keep looking for more assignments that will make your portfolio even better.

Tips for Successfully Investing in the Medical Exo Aipowered Sector

The healthcare industry has turned into a major ground for AI capabilities over the last couple of years with both venture capital (VC) investors and startups giving importance to the potential that AI applications can offer for enhancing patient care, reducing health costs, and widening of reach of services.

Medo has strong partnerships throughout healthcare systems around the world. According to Exo, including the best institutions in Canada and Asia can help to facilitate validation and adoption in clinics. CEO and found of Exo, Sandeep Akkaraju said, “This acquisition is all about bringing ease to ultrasound imaging, which allows caregivers to obtain and interpret ultrasound images easily”. “Medo has developed a strong AI pipeline to go from getting medical images to software accredited by FDA. We are happy to join forces with a creative team that shares our insight into taking medical imaging across the world”.

The company is planning to commercialize an ultrasound device that is handheld and that uses the latest technology to deliver strong imaging at a very low cost and with great accuracy. With all these development and advanced additions to technology, there is no doubt that the medical industry will soon see a great huge boom and everyone would be benefited from this acquisition.

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