Exploring Gibraltar Rocks in Spain and UK


Exploring Gibraltar Rocks in Spain and UK

How times have changed. It seems that now the Gibraltar Rocks is an ignored ruin on the edge of the highway. A passing place that travelers pass by quickly on their way somewhere else. An insignificant spot on the edge of a major road that most folks use as an impromptu short cut to get out of the crowded traffic in Sligo Town.

These ruins were once important military positions. When the French and British fought a bloody war for control of the Peninsula, the French put up a formidable resistance. At one time the Stones were used as a lookout point and then as an artillery piece. It was a tough fight for the underdog but the British eventually triumphed.

But what has happened to this historically significant place? It seems that the military situation has taken control of the ruins of this ancient town. Now they are no longer used as lookout posts and no longer offer any defense against intruders. But they are not abandoned completely. In fact, one of the few businesses operating in the area still attempts to use them for that purpose.

The Rocks have always been popular with tourists. They are a picturesque spot at the edge of Europe. There are many interesting ruins and beautiful scenery to view. One of the things that is making the tourists stop on their way is the fact that there is no car parking permitted within the perimeter. This makes it very difficult to get in or out of.

Fortunately there are other ways around the area. A “tourist bus” makes frequent trips to the Rocks. The buses provide accommodation, food and sightseeing. This allows the tourists to explore more of the area than can be done on foot.

On their travels the tourists are not restricted by the narrow strips of sand between the rocks. Instead they can look straight across and see the Atlantic Ocean. There is no need to worry about entering the area through the narrow entrance that is supposed to have some security measures. These measures are in place because of the threat that the random attacks from locals could increase if tourists were to leave their vehicles.

It is easy to enter the Rock by foot. However, it is much more difficult to exit. An alternative is to rent a cab. The cab will take the tourist to the exiting point of the Rock. The cab will lead the tourist back to the beach where they can continue their walk back to the car. Tourists are not required to pay a fee to use the Cab service.

Travel to Gibraltar by sea takes only a few hours. However, driving across the rocky terrain and over the waters takes much longer. One reason for this is the need to negotiate bridges over the waters or the need to drive under barbed wire. One way to get around the difficulty is to go by train and it is a good idea to hire a guide so that one can avoid the unnecessary effort of learning the routes.

Another aspect of travel to Gibraltar is the use of public transportation. One can take the Eurobus service to travel between the Canary Islands and Gibraltar. Once at the Rock, the tourist can travel by car to the Moorish Barracks where they can enjoy a delicious lunch. Car rental companies are plentiful along the coast so the tourist can choose the best price and car for their travel arrangements.

During the night time, the streets are virtually safe as there are no taxis or car rentals to be had. Instead, one can head to the pier to watch the fireworks display. There are also plenty of shows that can be viewed while strolling along the shoreline. One popular summer attraction is the Battle Carriers Band which travels around the entire Rock during the festivities. This performance is one of the highlights of the entire Visit Gibraltar Festival.

On Friday and Saturday, Spain holds its largest national soccer match. This game is held at the Gibraltar Stadium which was designed especially for the event. The match is between Spanish side FC Barcelona and England’s Chelsea FC. This game is a year-round fixture and can be seen all across the Rock during the summer months. Tourists have the opportunity to buy tickets in advance and get better seats.

When planning a trip to the Rock, one has to know about all the activities and landmarks that can be found on the island. Travel from major cities like Madrid, Malaga, Andorra, Malmo, etc., to Gibraltar Rocks and see the many sights and activities. It is possible to reach the Rocks by air, sea, or land so it is important to determine where one wants to go before making travel arrangements. Another important thing to consider when planning a trip to the Rock is the currency exchange. There is a Euro for Spanish money, US dollars, and British pounds. It is always important to be aware of the current exchange rates so one does not run out of cash during their visit.