BMW i Vision – The Concept of the BMW i Vision

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BMW i Vision – The Concept of the BMW i Vision

Just before taking a look at the BMW i Vision Gran Turismo Convertible, I had to stop and ask myself a few questions. What does the future hold for cars? How will humanity deal with the deteriorating state of the world economy? The need to ask these questions led me on a research trip to learn more about this car, which offers a very intriguing alternative to conventional automobiles.

It takes the notion of sustainability to a whole new level with the BMW i Vision Circular. At the Gran Turismo Convertible reveal, Langer talked about how automobile design and construction are changing, and that as environmental responsibility shifts, so too will the requirement for a concept vehicle that is greener. For instance, all the metal and aluminum used in the BMW i Vision are recycled, reused, and reused again, meaning that they have already been used somewhere else, have been recycled, and are re-useable. The concept of sustainability and the value of human life lead the designers of BMW to include this innovation into the BMW i Vision.

According to BER, “the new BMW i Vision Gran Turismo Convertible is the latest in the series of new concept vehicles that BER set out to create. The concept is fully compatible with the current BMW brand, but it also has an overall edge over its competitors.” The overall goal of BER, which stands for Builders and Refurbishment Experts group, is “to make the world a more environmentally sustainable place – one where the sources of energy and resources can be replenished.”

One way in which this goal is met is through the use of recycled material. The circular concept is communicated directly through the various components of the BMW i Vision, such as the front grille, the headlights, the grille cover, the front bumper, the hood, the door handles, the instrument panel, the fender flares, the rear fender vents, the center rear wheel arch, and the passenger’s seat. All BMW i Vision variants are designed to minimize the effect of carbon emissions on the environment, while maximizing efficiency at the same time. This is because the BMW i Vision Gran Turismo Convertible, with its circular, diamond-finned, HID projector headlights, has been developed using high-efficiency halogen lamps, and the light from them is transmitted to the LED daytime running lights found on the front grille and the taillights. The result is an automobile that is both ecologically and technically advanced.

The front fender vents are designed to minimize wind noise when driving. As such, they also help to reduce vibrations while the vehicle is in motion. Another innovation that is part of the BMW i Vision circular concept is the electric powertrain, or rather, the lack thereof. Under the concept of the BMW i Vision, power is distributed to the wheels and the entire motor is housed in a unibody steel construction. As such, the weight of the entire vehicle is reduced by almost fifty percent. In fact, it is this lighter body that contributes most to the overall efficiency of the electric powertrain.

BMW i Vision GranTurismo Convertible also features a rear seat that opens using a quick-release fastener. It is this design feature that makes the concept of the BMW i Vision even more appealing to the consumer. Such a feature allows for a more ergonomic approach to the interior of the vehicle, where space is not wasted through the use of bulky, uncomfortable rear seats.

BMW i Vision owners will also be pleased to learn that the I Vision incorporates one of the most futuristic looking, yet practical and efficient gasoline engines ever to grace a vehicle. The result of this engineering innovation is both astounding and environmentally sound. The new gasoline engine combines four power plants, resulting in an extraordinary number of power options. With the circular economy concept at work, BMW has created an engine that is both compact efficient, reliable, and fuel-efficient.

Following its world premiere at the 1996 Tokyo Motor Show, the BMW i Vision was a huge hit in Germany and the rest of Europe. Aftermarket accessories quickly flooded the market, offering sleek interiors and high-tech performance. As a result, many i Vision owners have opted to update their vehicles with state-of-the-art performance and convenience features. The most recent addition is the i Motion, which provides users with the ultimate on-road experience through the incorporation of a memory system and the manual transmission. Following closely behind is the I Roundhouse, which offers an i Package that provides greater safety and security than ever before.