Hosting a Successful Estate Sale or Garage Sale


Hosting a Successful Estate Sale or Garage Sale

Hosting a successful estate sale takes patience and a little know how. There are a lot of pitfalls to falling into when trying to host an estate sale. One of the biggest mistakes that I see is thinking that the best way to sell your home is on your own. If you have never sold an estate before, then you should definitely not host one. Doing it on your own will give you a false sense of achievement. But in reality, you may find that there are many more buyers out there that are willing to buy your house.

One of the worst mistakes that I see people make when attempting to host their own estate sale is hiring an unscrupulous “Auntie Bee”. An Auntie Bee is a professional seller who has no real experience in the estate selling business. When you hire an Auntie Bee, you will not know what you are up against. They are experts at dealing with distressed sales and can often times convince buyers to buy at a ridiculously low price.

Let’s face it, there are sellers out there that are only looking to scam you. The first thing that you should do before hiring someone to help you with your estate sale is to a background check them. Get information on their previous transactions. You could find out that they are a con artist or a flat out scammer. They could also charge you much more than you would like to pay for their services.

One of the most important things to look for when you are doing your research into hiring a professional estate sales company or individual are their business structure and their tax id number. Without this you will be unable to obtain any paperwork over time. Most people who offer their garage sales and estate sales on the weekends tend to not have any tax id numbers and are simply using everyone and anyone. Do you want to get stuck with a con artist? Probably not.

When you start talking to someone about helping you with your estate sale process, ask them what they would charge for the work that they would provide for you. If they seem like a really good deal then go ahead and hire them. If they try and talk you into doing other things such as purchasing other properties that are similar to yours then walk away. You need to protect yourself from any potential scams. Your company needs to protect you.

It might be a smart idea to try to involve the entire process in an online forum with the website you are hosting the auction on. Ask if anyone has questions about the entire process. You might be able to gain insider tips that you wouldn’t otherwise find. You may even come up with some great ideas for your garage sale and estate sales that you never would have thought of before.

Another benefit of working with a professional estate sales company is the feedback that they provide you. This is invaluable. With so many different websites and listing sites available it can be difficult to find out what is selling and for how much. Working with a professional can help you know how to make your home sell quickly and for the most money. The company you use will be able to help you monitor the sales and find out what makes a house sell quickly.

Garage sales and estate sales are tough markets to start out in. It is imperative that you work to get your site and listings noticed by buyers. Working with an estate sales company can help you do just that. They can also help you with the paperwork involved in a sale and work with you to make sure that everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. Your company can help you realize the dream of turning your garage sale or estate sale into a success.