Grab Your Samsung KS8000 TV This Black Friday


Black Friday deals are the best deals of the year. This is the best time of the year to buy something for your home. These are some of the deals that let you buy products for a lower-than-usual price tag. Samsung KS8000 Black Friday deal is the most awaited one right now. After all, the specification and features of this TV are something not to be ignored this season. Follow this article to know more about this TV which will convince you that this is the best choice.

Best Offers On Samsung KS8000 55 & 65 Inches

To be clear, the Samsung KS8000 TV is something everyone should have. Yes, right from design to picture, you will only see the best in this TV. The actual price for this TV is not something that everyone can afford. And that is why you should make a smart choice by getting this TV in this year’s Black Friday deal, don’t let this deal go. This TV has a very good curvature, it also has the best input lag. You can expect more than what you pay when you buy it on Black Friday deals.

Striking design features

You will surely be surprised by the design of this model. It is a 65-inch flat panel beauty with a slim back bezel. The TV also has brushed metallic trim around the edges, which gives it a superior and classy look. It comes with a Y-shaped pedestal stand which makes it look like it is flying in the air. If you are searching for something to complement your living room even more, then make sure you grab Samsung KS8000 this Black Friday. Any rivets and screws are not visible on this model from any angle.

It has 4 HDMI ports which can handle the latest HDR signals very well. The model comes with two types of remote controls, the normal and classic remote and the smart wand. What more can you ask this Black Friday? The best part of this TV is that it has a very small input lag. Less input lag means good and high performance. If you don’t want to miss out on this, then grab the deal this Black Friday and go for it. When it comes to energy consumption, this is the best model. This model is energy efficient. It takes a small amount of energy and gives you the best outcomes.


The KS8000 model from Samsung has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which gives access to your favorite content and apps through Samsung Hub, it also allows you to share and screen mirror on your other smart devices such as a tablet or your smartphone. There is more than one option for connecting HD video sources since there are 4 HDMI ports on this model. There are three USB ports available for connecting other media peripherals such as flash drives.

Overview of Samsung ks8000 Black Friday

Samsung KS8000 TV has everything a TV should have in it. Right from the design to picture, you will only see the best in it. The actual price for this model is not cheap. And that is why you should take advantage of the Black Friday deal this year. The best curvature model, picture-perfect graphics, best input lag, and much more are some of the amazing features of this TV.

Features and design

Samsung KS 8000 is an outstanding model if you are looking for colorful and bright HDR performance and one of the most notable features of this model is its full array of local dimming. Occasionally you will notice show tone aberrations, but otherwise, it is a sleek model with a silver suit and amazingly polished sheen.

  • Some of the important specifications of the Samsung KS8000
  • High Dynamic Range compatibility
  • 1000-nit HDR reference
  • Edge-lit LED backlight
  • 4K resolution
  • 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports (one connect)
  • Quantum Dot Color

The extraordinary takeaways for this model are that it is not curved and it does not use a full array LED backlight.

Samsung KS8000: Image quality

When we talk about the image quality of this TV, you will find various picture settings here. But, to ensure that any type of user does not get confused, the manufacturer has kept them under expert settings.

Energy consumption and input lag

The good news with Samsung KS8000 is that it has very little input lag compared to other models. There is only 20 ms in game mode. Less input lag always means high performance and no one can be unhappy with that. So, if you see this model in Black Friday deals, grab it before it is gone and you regret it.

This is the best model out there when it comes to energy consumption. This model is designed to be energy efficient and that is unbeatable. It will use only a small amount of energy and give you the best results. What more can you ask for?

Gaming and HDR performance

You can be assured of one thing about Samsung KS8000. And that is, you will have a great gaming experience on this TV. And that is why you should be on the lookout for Samsung KS8000 this Black Friday, especially if you are a gamer. This is the best model for games that require fast reflexes. This model will not let you down if you are buying the TV exclusively for gaming purpose. You can easily play both first-person shooter games and racing games. It is one of the fastest 4K TVs on the market.

You can also enjoy HDR games such as Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 on this TV. To enjoy these games without any delay, you need to input the HDR-friendly settings manually because the TV makes use of standard dynamic range which is the standard setting for the game on TV. Additionally, the way it takes care of on-screen motion is something not to ignore in Samsung KS8000 TV.

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