EXANTE Broker Review and Analysis


EXANTE stands as a distinguished brokerage firm, established in 2011, catering primarily to seasoned traders and professional clients. With its expansive reach across over 100 nations, this firm provides access to a plethora of financial instruments—over 600,000 across more than 50 global markets. These include, but are not limited to, stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, and forex. Founders Alexey Kirienko, Anatoly Knyazev, and Gatis Eglitis launched EXANTE with the vision to democratize access to financial information, leveraging technology to foster transparency.

**Regulatory Compliance and Client Protection:**
A hallmark of EXANTE’s commitment to client security is its adherence to stringent regulatory standards. The brokerage is licensed by several esteemed authorities, including the FCA, CySEC, MFSA, and SFC. It is also in compliance with the MiFID-II framework within the European Union. Protections such as the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme and the segregation of client funds underscore the firm’s dedication to safeguarding clients’ investments.

**Diversity in Account Offerings:**
Catering to diverse investor needs, EXANTE offers both individual and corporate accounts. The former requires an initial funding of €10,000, and the latter €50,000. In addition to these, the brokerage provides joint and demo accounts, the latter offering simulated trading environments for strategy testing.

**Innovative Trading Platform:**
At the heart of EXANTE’s offering is its proprietary trading platform, accessible across desktop and mobile devices. This platform is engineered to provide direct access to all financial instruments and markets through a single multi-currency account, complete with real-time data and a suite of analytical tools. While it does not integrate with MT4/MT5, the platform supports various APIs for seasoned traders to execute complex strategies.

**Fee Structure:**
The brokerage is lauded for its competitive fee structure, offering low commission rates across a variety of asset classes. Nevertheless, it is important to note the €30 withdrawal fee and a €50 monthly inactivity fee after 181 days of dormancy. The firm facilitates currency conversions without imposing surcharges on exchange rates.

**Client Support Services:**
EXANTE ensures round-the-clock client support through phone and email, including dedicated Account Managers for personalized assistance. Despite the absence of a live chat feature, the firm maintains short wait times for client inquiries.

– Access to an extensive range of financial instruments and markets
– Robust regulatory framework and safety protocols
– Fee structure that aligns with competitive industry standards
– Sophisticated trading platform with an array of features
– Dedicated client support, including Account Managers

– High minimum deposit threshold
– Restricted banking services, limited to bank transfers
– Fees associated with inactivity and withdrawals
– Limited educational resources for clients

**Overall Evaluation (89/100):**
EXANTE is revered as a reputable brokerage, offering extensive market access and competitive fees, tailored for experienced traders and well-capitalized individuals. However, its high minimum deposit requirement, limited banking services, and scarcity of educational resources may not align with the needs of all investor profiles, particularly novices or those with limited capital. For an in-depth exploration of EXANTE’s offerings and client experiences, a comprehensive analysis is available here.


1. **What is the minimum deposit requiredto open an account with EXANTE?**
   – Individual accounts necessitatean initialfunding of €10,000, while corporate accounts require €50,000.

2. **Does EXANTE offer a demo account for practice trading?**
   – Yes, EXANTE provides a demo account with €1,000,000 in virtual funds for clients to refine their trading strategies in a simulated environment.

3. **Are client funds protected with EXANTE?**
   – EXANTE adheres to rigorous regulatory standards, including the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme and the segregation of client funds, ensuring a high degree of protection for client investments.

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