Cottagecore Fashion Looks Retro, But Is It Really?


Cottagecore Fashion Looks Retro, But Is It Really?

Cottagecore fashion is a new and exciting take on the cottage fashion movement. It is all about combining vintage fabrics with cutting edge cuts to create a look which is feminine but still fun. This article will give you the low down on the Cottagecore trend. So here we go!

What is cottagecore fashion? Cottagecore fashion is about embracing the past while using vintage accessories to create contemporary and fresh looks. This type of fashion was born out of the social media and blogging world. With the popularity of these media increasing, many small businesses were set up to help people communicate their thoughts and ideas online. The result was a whole generation of cottagebuilders who started selling and producing clothing and other accessories using vintage fabrics.

With this rise in popularity came the need for more creative people to create more interesting designs. Many people combined elements of different styles to create new and innovative pieces. The latest craze among urban fashionistas is coastal cottagecore fashion. Coastal architecture combines elements of vintage beach cabins with modern elements to create a look which is both classic and contemporary at the same time. As this aesthetic cottagecore fashion is becoming increasingly popular, it has been showcased at major fashion shows including the New York Fashion Week.

One of the most popular trends is wearing coastal dresses. Coastal dresses usually incorporate vibrant and floral prints using bright and airy colours. The colour palette used is usually soft and mild so as to complement the bright and lively colors associated with the cottagecore aesthetic. Some of the most popular fabrics used in coastal clothing include cotton, linen and cotton knit. Other popular prints include seashells, seagulls and Hawaiian birds.

Another current trend is using organic materials in a bid to create unique clothing items. Organic clothing can range from casual wears such as tank tops and leggings, through to elegant eveningwear such as evening gowns and evening bags. Organic clothing is also increasingly popular on celebrities’ social media pages. For instance, singer Janet Jackson recently released a number of outfits using organic material such as organic silk and cashmere.

Cottagecore fashion has also brought about many unique pieces that aren’t always wearable in the office or at home. These pieces include items such as jewellery made of mother of pearl, vintage glasses and other unique vintage items. Jewellery pieces which are wearable as well as fashionable include vintage charm bracelets, vintage brooches and vintage earrings. Vintage pieces often incorporate mother of pearl which is often incorporated into silver and gold designs. To add to the eclectic yet stylish nature of this style of clothing, many businesses have begun to market eco-friendly outfits for those who don’t want to wear items made with toxic materials.

Prices for Cottagecore fashion are high compared to the rest of the cottagecore style. There’s a reason for this; handmade fashion pieces are very expensive when produced in large quantities. Therefore, you’re better off purchasing one or two items of every style you like instead of several less stylish pieces. Smaller pieces are often more affordable, even if they aren’t manufactured in quantities as large as the larger more popular items.

Despite the high start up costs, cottagecore fashion is starting to catch on. The pieces aren’t mainstream but don’t feel out of place amongst the current trend. As with anything new it will take time before the style becomes mainstream and starts grabbing attention. It also takes awhile for the aesthetic to become embedded in consumers’ minds. However, if you look long enough you will start to see more of these classic Cottagecore outfits popping up in your wardrobe. Just make sure not to overdo it and purchase just enough to accentuate your looks and not distract from your true colors.