Asus ROG – Stylish, Rugged, and Practical


Asus ROG – Stylish, Rugged, and Practical

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 is a compact, super-thin gaming notebook. Its powerful AMD Ryzen processor and neat-looking graphic card, paired with long life, make for ultra-slim full-fledged gaming laptops. Its powerful AMD Ryzen processor and graphic card, paired with long life, make for ultra-slim full-fledged gaming notebooks. Immerse yourself into up to 120 Hz displays with super-narrow bezel around it, and turn up the sound volume with intelligent amp technology that makes louder with less distortions. Asus’s ZenFone keyboard with fingertip support, built-in speaker and larger workspace make for an efficient workspace.

A dedicated 10-point keyboard with full-sized keys takes care of that. You can hit all the important keys with confidence. In addition, the keyboard has gold-tone’s Smart Keys, so typing on the touch-sensitive keys is just as fast as hitting those big, bright buttons on your desktop PC. An extended battery helps you keep your work or gaming experience going for longer.

Asus ROG notebooks offer some cool features. For example, the ROG Swift keyboard is a gaming mouse with gaming-specific controls. It features a precision-tuned programmable response system that responds to your every move. If you want to take that next step, this keyboard can help you.

Asus ROG notebooks offer a cooling pad to optimize the heat dissipation. The heat generated by the laptop is quite high. The pad dissipates that energy efficiently, leaving little room for the excessive heat generation from the processor and hard drive. It helps you stay comfortable even as you game or do business.

Asus has a great customer support division. The company is always ready to address your concerns and questions. They have a toll-free hotline as well as chat support lines, which are usually available twenty-four hours a day. If you have a problem with your Asus notebook or any other Asus products, you won’t be left without a solution. With one of these fine companies involved in creating your notebook, that should provide you with complete satisfaction.

One thing you can count on with Asus is that their customer service is exceptional. You can count on their friendly staff to help you through any technical issue you might encounter. They will also stand by their products with excellent customer service. The same care and quality are also extended to their audio systems and monitors. With all of these options integrated into one convenient package, you have the most practical and comprehensive set of audio and video equipment available on the market.

As you might know, laptops are becoming increasingly smaller while at the same time increasing in performance. The trend in the past few years has been for the smallest, lightest laptop possible. Fortunately, Asus has made it known that they prefer the traditional as well as the larger-size laptop. The ROG notebook offers all of the benefits of a traditional laptop without sacrificing the size or weight.

You don’t have to worry about this notebook’s performance falling short of your expectations. Asus makes sure you are able to get as much use out of the notebook as you’d like. You can create your own desktop shortcut or use the built in search function easily to find files or programs. Asus has taken all of the safety precautions to keep your notebook running smoothly. With a wide array of accessories, you can enjoy even more performance and convenience.

The keyboard on Asus ROG notebooks is made just for typing. There is no need to worry about the keys being too cramped because the keys are large and spaced closely. You also won’t find any fast start up times with this notebook. It takes time to actually get to the desktop. All you have to do is activate the automatic screen rotation and it will automatically turn the screen around so you can see it right away.

The track pad on Asus ROG notebooks is also larger than standard. The large area allows you to complete multi-finger mouse clicks with ease. The touchpad allows you to select specific applications with a simple swipe of the finger. You can also use the kick-click function to scroll up and down the screen. These features make using the Asus ROG notebook easy and convenient.

All of the aforementioned functionality can be found on this compact computer. With its large keyboard and spacious display, it looks and feels great. In fact, many consumers have stated that this is the best sized laptop they have ever owned. If you are in the market for a new laptop, this might just be what you are looking for. Take some time to research all of the options available on the market before making your decision.